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EdgeBan Linear Barrier for Self Leveling Compound- 8 Pack

by EdgeBan
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8 Piece Barrier Pack

The linear 8 pack is used for containing self leveling underlayment. This is the perfect product to speed up your prep time for any self-leveling underlayment job – big or small. By providing an effective solution to create a leak-poof barrier around the perimeter and floor openings, EdgeBan contains the self-leveling underlayment quickly and efficiently. Level Lock Technology ensures EdgeBan products are fully integrated with the hardened surface by letting the leveler and EdgeBan effectively become one monolithic underlayment. EdgeBan works with the underlayment to become a solid, & flat substrate for flooring material installation.



  • The pack contains 8 foam sticks measuring 46"x1"x1.25"
  • One Pack will cover 30.6 linear feet
  • Lightweight and durable made of EPS foam
  • Secure with latex or silicone adhesive
  • Can easily be trimmed flush with the cured leveling material