Barwalt, Box Screed Set (5 screed set)

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Constructed from light, tough, T-5 tempered, aircraft aluminum. Cut from 3″ x 7/8″ stock with reinforced construction!


he Barwalt® Box Screed Set is a simple, yet effective tool. It’s the essential tool that’s been around for decades. In the tile industry the screed is primarily used to prepare your mud bed as it cuts off excess mortar to bring the top surface to the proper grade and smoothness. It also allows you the ability to draw straight lines, and it also checks to makes sure existing lines are actually straight.

When you look around the Internet the vast majority of resellers are incorrectly calling this a straightedge. While it does have a straight edge, it also is 7/8″ thick and not the best tool for scoring materials with. Admittedly, most of us are not going to have a 12 ft straightedge in the truck and the 12 ft screed could get that job done.

While the screed and straightedge might be related just like the ruler and tape measure, there are distinct differences. The Barwalt® Box Screed Set is the perfect tool for surface preparation and also great for checking to make sure that non-level surfaces are well pitched.

2ft-2in Box Screed

3ft Box Screed

4ft Box Screed

4ft-10in Box Screed

6ft Box Screed

Barwalt® Vinyl Tote (80011)


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Weight 31 lbs


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