Barwalt, UltraBite™ Tile Nippers – 70316

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Requires 1/3 less compressive force to cut porcelain tile. Replaceable Carbide Tips. Ergonomic handle. Stainless steel bearing – won’t rust and needs less oiling!

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With porcelain tile technology producing harder tiles all the time. Tile nippers have been failing with more consistency. Barwalt has set out to design a revolutionary new nipper. And what they came up with is the Barwalt® Ultrabite! They started with choosing the finest carbide, which is ground to a precision finish and formulated with industrial diamonds. This tip will cut the hardest porcelain with ease. Then they turned their focus to the nipper body and designed the most comfortable, but also a body that produces a mechanical leverage advantage when nipping. The handles are enveloped with cushioned sleeves that will not slip off during repeated use.

Testing has confirmed that the new Ultrabite only requires 1/3 the compressive force to cut porcelain all the way through. The less force required while nipping provides more control for the user which results in better precision.

Finally, Barwalt® has come up with a perfect solution for all nippers that eventually wear out. Why not make the carbide teeth replaceable? Well Barwalt did just that! No other GT style nipper on the planet does that.


Requires 1/3 less compressive force to cut porcelain tile
Replaceable Carbide Tips
Ergonomic handle
Stainless steel bearing – won’t rust and needs less oiling
1/2 the weight of other GT style nippers on the market

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