Beno J Gundlach, Dual-grit 60-90 Rub Stone (444)


Rub down rough tile edges. 60 grit on one side, 90 grit on the other

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The Beno J. Gundlach® Dual-Grit Rub Stone is perfect for smoothing down the rough edges of freshly cut tiles. This round, double-faced rub stone is 60 grit on one side and 90 grit on the other. The round style allows for even wear of the stone.

Silicon carbide abrasive for economy and long rub brick life.


Rub down rough tile edges
60 grit on one side, 90 grit on the other
Silicon carbide abrasive for long brick life
Diameter = 4 in.
Thickness = 1 in.

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Weight 1 lbs


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