Montolit 55W Nipper for Porcelain/Glass/Mosaic

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The Montolit Tile Nibbler 55W, is a special nibbler, designed to cut hard, Gres porcelain, glazed and mosaic tiles.
The unique design of the Nibbler has produced advantageous lever handles, plus in particular, the two wheels made from tungsten carbide and coated in titanium, allow you to develop greater strength at the final cutting stage.
These are the principal reasons why the Tile Nibbler 55W is considered an “special” tool, which is essential for the Professional tile layer and mosaic worker.

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– Precision
– Duration
(as you can see in the last part of the video,the wheels continue turning until worn out)
– Maximum pressure with little effort

1) The finishing touches for tiles already cut
2) Makes irregular forms or shapes
3) Cuts mosaics for precise jobs
4) Bevel pincer for tile borders thanks to it’s special design

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