Pro Bit Porcelain Diamond Hole Saws (1/8″ to 6″) by RTC


Precision cuts made quick and easy. Unique solution for cutting into Porcelain. Electroplated Steel with high diamond concentration.  Available in various sizes from 1/8″ to 6″.


The RTC Porcelain Pro Drill Bit is made of a high concentration of diamond-infused electroplated steel. It also has a very long job life and is guaranteed to make 30 precision cuts into Porcelain tile before beginning to loose its precision cutting ability. RTC Porcelain Pro Drill Bit will make quick and easy work out of your precision cuts close to the edge of tiles as well as tile corners!

Precision Cuts Close to the Edge and Corners
The problem faced by professionals and handymen alike, when tile remodeling, is not damaging the existing tile when drilling necessary holes while adding improvements such as shower curtain rods, or drilling new holes to accommodate new plumbing.

Imagine yourself having to explain to your customer that you damaged a tile or two; it wouldn’t be a major problem unless that tile happened to be irreplaceable 30 year old tile. We’d like to have you imagine yourself with one of our Porcelain Pro bits, rushing into the room right before your boss attempts to make a cut with his typical generic hole saw, then quickly handing him “The Tool” that will save his hide!

Although the The RTC Porcelain Pro Drill Bit is specifically designed to cut through Porcelain and guaranteed to have a cut life of 30 holes for Porcelain tiling, when used properly, these Porcelain Drill bits are able to cut through ceramic, marble, glass tile, granite, hard PVC, and other hard materials.

When looking at the smaller Porcelain Pro drill bits you may wonder if these are core bits and think that you’ll need to drill pilot holes because core bits are only capable of enlarging existing holes. These bits are not core bits! They will cut new holes and are more closely related to hole saws than core bits. The difference is that these bits are special and are uniquely superior when compared to the typical hole saw!


High diamond concentration electroplated steel
Precision cuts in corners and near the edges of tile
For use with most types hand-held drills, including cordless drills (800-2500 RPM)


For wet use only
Using with a drill press will shorten bit life
Cutting into backer-board will shorten bit life
Not for use with Hammer Drills


Cutting Diameter …………….1/8″ (3-mm)-6″
Cutting Depth (max) ………….2″
Rim Type ……………………..Continuous
Chuck Size ………………….. 3/8 in.
Avg. Cut Life ……………….. 30 cuts (when used at low RPM and kept WET)

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