RTC Scissor Lift Reduced Thickness Handling System

$1,049.95 $843.00

RTC Scissor lift for Thin Tile installation. MADE IN ITALY


The Scissor Lift handling system from RTC Products is the most portable unit available for transporting reduced thickness tile.  This system consists of two 60″ sections that connect in the center giving you an overall handling length of 120″ (300cm).  With 8 suction cups, you are provided with amazing holding power of up to 880 lbs.  Handles at each end allow for easy movement, with a wide range of motion.  The sliding center cross members allow for easy adjustment up to 40″ (100cm) wide.  Made for handling large format thin tile panels such as Laminam, Plane, and Techlam.

The scissor lift is delivered unassembled for easier shipping; it consists of two parts which can be used separately or assembled.

Once engaged to the material surface, the Scissor Lift can be turned over and set on its four resting feet for easy back buttering/troweling of mortar.

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Weight 44 lbs


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