Sigma 14A Scoring Wheel for (Pull Handle Style)

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Sigma® Snap Tile Cutters are known as being in a league of their own for their quality. These Italian-made manual tile cutters are able to cut the hardest porcelain, snap 3/4″ glass mosaic tile into perfectly equal thirds, thick pavers and natural stone, they also are more than capable when it comes to handling marble and granite.

The Sigma 14A Scoring Wheel replaces all Sigma Pull Handle scoring wheels.

Compatible with:
2A3 Technica 20″
2B3 Technica 26″
2G Technica 14″
3A Diagonale 20″
3B Diagonale 26″
3C Diagonale 30″
3D Diagonale 37″
3E Diagonale 52″
5 Standard 20″
6 Standard 14″
7A Standard 13″
7F Standard 14″

Precision Scoring
Long-lasting Cut
Excellent Quality

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