Sigma Max 3C3M 29″ Push Tile Cutter

$670.00 $565.00

Sigma max tile cutter, Straight cut 29″, Diagonal 20″ cut. Larger Scoring wheel is perfect for rough format tile.

Add a Scoring Wheel


Ball Bearing Spring Mounted Cutting Wheel allows flexibility for scoring any surface.

With porcelain tiles becoming larger and more dense, the size of the tile cutter and pressure of the wheel require different standards than ever before.  A push handle becomes an extension of the users arm, allowing them to reach a further distance while keeping more consistent pressure on the handle.  This provides a cleaner cut edge and less material waste.  The Sigma Max Series is recommended for any size tile but has the clear advantage for tile 36″ (90cm) and larger.

For a limited time only, receive 100 Caps & 250 1/16″ Bases FREE Of Sigma’s special edition Rotary Tile Leveling System! (A $65.95 value)

easy grip max push handle
– diamond scoring wheel
– spring loaded table
– swiveling measurement bar equipped with inches in diagonal
– cuts material between 1/16
– angles between -45 to +45
– angle locking mechanism

You can find out more about Sigma Tile Cutters Here:

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Weight 26 lbs


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