Sigma Tile Leveling System Threaded Rods (Spin Doctor 1/16″ Bases) – 250 Pack

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Sigma Branded Spin Doctor!

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Sigma Branded Spin Doctor tile leveling system!  Fully Compatible with all RTC Spin Doctor Components! 

Sigma 40-S2 Tile Levelling System Threaded Rods – 250 Pack

The Sigma Rotary Tile Control is an innovative tile leveling system that allows floor tiles to be quickly leveled. This pack of threaded rods is for use with the Sigma Rotary Tile Control Rotary Caps (Not Included). Suitable for a minimum joint of 1.5mm with tiles between 3-30mm thick.

Position the Rotary Cap on the Threaded Rod and spin the leveling cap down until it meets the tile, then tighten the cap to perfectly align the tile. Kick the rotary cap to remove from the tile and then unscrew and discard of the used threaded rod. The threaded rods are single use only.

Supplied in a pack of 250 pieces, you can be sure that the threaded rods have been produced to the same high standards you would expect from this leading name and will provide excellent finish and total precision.


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