100pc. Extra Large Grouting Sponges Mini Bale

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XL Grout Sponge Mini Bale


Midwest Trade Tool® Hydrophilic Grecian Grout Sponges are the original formula sponges that were brought overseas from Greece many years ago. What makes this sponge unique is its Hydrophilic properties that react “friendlier” with water and also in other polar solvents. Comes in vacuum sealed bag, sponges expand to full size when bag’s seal is broken.  XL Hydro Sponges


Stays Soft
Highly Absorbent
Rinses Freely
Remains Pliable… Won’t Harden or Load Up
Smoother, Less Porous Surface
LxWxH (inches) = 7.625 x 5.5 x 2.375

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Weight 10 lbs