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Alpha Ecoguard G Series Dust Cover

by Alpha
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The Alpha® Ecoguard G Series is the ultimate dust collection cover for grinding with a high-speed angle grinder. Specifically designed for collecting dust when using a high-speed angle grinder, it is perfect for grinding and sanding or surface preparation work. Made of high-quality construction, this dust collection cover is rugged and built to withstand heavy-duty applications. It features a clear cover for better visibility and can grind tight against the wall.

The Ecoguard G Series accepts grinding wheels up to 5" and fits on most high-speed angle grinders: 4-1/2"- 5" With the ability to remove more than 90% of the dust, this dust collection cover creates a virtually dust-free environment when connected to a vacuum. The Ecoguard G Series is easy to install and allows for quick and easy wheel changes. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Alpha® Ecoguard G Series is a must-have for any grinding or sanding project that requires a dust-free environment.


  • Collects dust when using a high-speed angle grinder
  • Accepts grinding wheels up to 5" 
  • Rugged construction for heavy-duty applications
  • Can grind tight against the wall
  • Clear cover for better visibility

What's Included?

  • Ecoguard Dust Collection Cover Type G
  • 18" Flexible Connector Hose (500026)
  • 2 Additional Connectors for Most 5" Angle Grinders
  • 2 Collars
  • 1 Set Flange and Lock Nut Set for Selected Grinders
  • 1 Hex Wrench
  • 1 Rubber Hose Adapter
  • 4 Spacers
  • 1 Stainless Steel Hose Clamp
  • Operator's Manual