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Alpha Libero Wet Diamond Blades

by Alpha
Sold out
SKU DL0478

Introducing the Alpha® Libero Blades - the best dry cutting electroplated blade on the market. Precisely cut softer stones such as marbles, travertines, soapstones, and alabaster with ease and without the worry of chipping and cracking. With a highest quality diamond edge, the Libero Blades are specially designed for cutting marble and limestone, making it the ideal choice for marble fabrication work. The aggressive and easy-to-use design reduces finishing time and saves raw material, making it a great choice for tile installers working on softer marble and travertine tiles. For general contractors and sculptors facing difficult cuts, the Libero Blades offer quality and long life, as well as convenient and accurate cutting performance on softer types of natural stone.


  • Best dry cutting electroplated blade
  • Precise cutting performance on softer stone
  • Chip-free cutting
  • Specially designed for marble and limestone
  • Easy to use on softer marble and travertine tiles