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Ardex Flexbone® Heat Thermostats

by Ardex
SKU 30068
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Ardex Flexbone® Heat Thermostats In-Floor Heating Systems

All ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT Thermostats are used to control the ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT Cables (either 120V or 240V). Each thermostat comes with a floor temperature sensor and built-in 5mA ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) with indicator light for easy monthly testing of the system. The ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT Power Module may be used in conjunction with all thermostats when the heating load exceeds 15 amps

Total Control from Anywhere!
– Download the ARDEX HEAT app: available on the iPhone App Store or Google Play
– Access the MyThermostat account via desktop computer or tablet

ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT Non-Programmable Thermostat

  • Easy to read, digital display
  • Straight forward on/off control

ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT Touch Programming Thermostat

  • 3.5″ touch display
  • Easy to use Set-Up Wizard
  • Ability to track and log power consumption

ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT Remote WiFi and Touch Thermostat

  • Complete system control from anywhere via smartphone app or desktop computer
  • Automatically track and log power consumption
  • Easy to use Set-Up Wizard