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Colllomix Mixing Paddle Cleaning System


Collomix 8 Gallon MixerClean Bucket

Clean mixing paddles in seconds with an effective bucket and brush system. Put a dirty paddle in the water-filled Mixer-Clean, turn on the mixer, and let the stiff brushes clean it off. It makes clean-up quick and easy. Cleaning mixing paddles makes them last longer and mix better. The removable lid makes waste easy to empty.


  • Fast cleaning of mixing paddles
  • After mixing, simply dip the paddles in the bucket filled with water and let the mixer run for a short time
  • Now you clean mixing tools within a matter of seconds
  • Immerse the mixing paddle in the bucket filled with water and run the mixer for a short time after you have completed mixing
  • All residual material will be thoroughly removed by the brushes
  • Suitable for all Xo / Xo duo mixers
  • Removable lid for emptying and carrying handle
  • Rugged and durable 8 gals (30 liter) tub with a carrying handle; sturdy metal cover plate with a pair of brushes
  • Works on mixing paddle up to 8" (210 mm) diameter