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Dewalt D36000S Continuous Duty Wet Tile Saw And Stand

by Dewalt
SKU D36000S

Dewalt 36" Tile Saw and Stand

The Dewalt D36000 Wet Tile Saw that can rip cut up to 37"! This saw was created for the professional tile installer due to the growing popularity in large format tile.

The D36000 features an 18" cutting clearance to the left of the blade that allows you to cut a 36" x 36" tile in half. Despite it's larger cutting capacity and footprint, the D36000 is made for portability to and from the job site.


  • 37" rip cut capacity and 18" cutting clearance left of blade, you can cut a 36" x 36" tile in half
  • Cut-line indicator, rigid frame, and stainless steel rollers provide cutting accuracy to within 1/32" over 30" cuts
  • 8-1/2" crosscut capacity is ideal for cutting 6" sills and 8" x 48" planks at a 30% offset
  • 28-7/8" width from column to cart edge fits through standard 30" door frames
  • 18" x 36" and 24" x 24" tile fully contained within water tray system, helping keep the work area clean and dry
  • 15 Amp motor provides 1220 MWO for demanding applications
  • Cart can be locked into it's number 2 position for rip cutting 18" tiles
  • Compartment beneath saw for storing tile and other items
  • Larger side and water pans offer increased water retention
  • Side and rear water collectors fit inside of the main water pan when moving and storing
  • Splash guard at the rear of the water tray moves for guarding water when making 45° cuts
  • Strap provided on saw housing to hold down water pump when moving the saw
  • Features the same D24001 stand as the D24000S tile saw

    What's In The Box 

  • D36000 Wet Tile Saw
  • D24001 Tile Saw Stand (packaged with saw)
  • DW4764 Porcelain Tile Blade
  • Submersible Pump
  • Water Pan
  • Side Water Trays
  • Rear Water Trays
  • Cutting Cart Side Extension
  • Angle/Rip Guide
  • Blade Wrench
  • Hex Wrench
  • Operator's manual

    Dewalt D36000 Tile Saw Specifications
    Power 1-1/2 hp (15 amps)
    Voltage 120V
    Length of Cut 36 in
    Diagonal Length of Cut 24 in x 24 in
    Arbor 5/8 in
    Blade Capacity 10 in
    Depth of Cut 3-3/8 in
    Weight 91 lbs
    Dimensions 36 in x 29 in x 20 in