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RTC Grout Grabber Replacement Blades


Grout Grabber Replacement Blades

The only replacement/add-on blades that work with the Grout Grabber. This premier grout removal tool is the best, virtually dustless, most effortless way to remove grout in any grout joint. Each blade removes approximately 1/16 in. width of the grout joint. Simply attach 1 to 5 additional blades to the adapter plate, depending on the width of the grout joint.

The Grout Grabber fits any reciprocating saw. The motion of the saw does the work that you would manually have to do with any hand tool. Works great on floors, wall, counter tops; anywhere there is tile or stone. The Grout Grabber can also perform as a repair tool for making a relief cut to chisel out cracked or broken tile.


  • Designed to remove hardest grouts with little dust
  • Mount up to five blades for grout joints up to 1/2 in. wide
  • Special carbide grit matrix or the toughest grout removal jobs
  • Replacement/add-on blades packaged 2 per pack
  • Grout grabber blades must be attached to the grout grabber attachment plate, which fits any reciprocating saw
  • Works great floors, walls, and countertops
  • Can also work as a repair tool, to chisel out cracked or broken tile