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Imer 360 12 Cubic Ft. Powered Grout Mixer

by Imer
SKU 1194574
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MIX 360 12 CF Vertical Shaft Mixer

This mixer features a 9 cubic foot, 800lb, batch output can be for precast mixes with aggregate, dry pack mortar, or masonry stone mortar. IMER built and sold the first vertical shaft towable mixers in America 25 years ago using the principles of concrete batch plant design. Those design principles allow for the paddles to rotate thru the mix rather than lift and drop it as conventional mortar mixers do. This allows the 360 to mix very low slump materials like dry pack mortar and refractory mortar.


  • Free shipping from IMER factory warehouse
  • Further study and testing have lead to drum and paddle design changes that vastly improve batch output, mix 800 lbs. of material every load
  • The paddle systems are powered by monster gearboxes which were developed in our batch plant division
  • Mixes 800 lbs of mortar, dry pack, stucco, or sand cement
  • Electric motor 220V is available in Single or Three Phase, specify when ordering
  • One piece hinged grate with auto shutoff that stops paddles
  • Controlled gravity fed discharge through drum bottom
  • Mix concrete, max aggregate size is 3/8"
  • Can mix materials from dry to wet

  •  MIX 360 12 CF Vertical Shaft Mixer
    Drum capacity
    12 cubic feet
    Batch output
    9 cubic feet  (est 800lbs )
    Gas motor w/ centrifugal clutch
    11hp Honda 
    Electric motor  1 phase or 3 phase 220v 
    Drum diameter
    Maximum aggregate size
    3/8" minus
    Discharge outlet height
    Pneumatic tires
    Dimensions  L x H x W
    59" x 58" x 44"
    Shipping Pallet Dimensions L x H x W
    80" x 56' x 50"