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Montolit SCX250 DNA 10" Diamond Sector Blade


SCX250 DNA 10" Diamond Blade

Montolit SCX Series DNA diamond blades are considered the best blade for use on wet tile saws in the market. This versatile blade is excellent for cutting porcelain, quartzite, limestone, ceramic tiles, terracotta, travertine and granite. The innovative DNA Technology arranges diamond in individual positions around the circumference of the blade resulting in a blade that effortlessly cuts a wide variety of materials with minimal chipping, amazing speed and durability.


  • Equipped with DNA (Diamond Network Arrangement) technology for fast cutting through thick material
  • Can cut up to 3 cm thick porcelain tile
  • Slotted profile allows for cleaner, high speed cutting and a long lifespan
  • For use on wet tile saws
  • Designed for wet cutting only