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NobleSeal® TS Thin-Bed Waterproofing

by Noble

NobleSeal TS Thin-Bed Waterproofing Membrane

Use in interior applications of ceramic and stone tile, both horizontal and vertical surfaces, over common substrate. Thin-set shower waterproofing, steam rooms, fountains, pools and planters. Also wet areas in shopping centers, food courts, hotel, condominiums, supermarket, prisons, health clubs, military and university housing and malls.


  • Max continuous sheet size is 100 linear feet
  • Provides waterproofing and crack isolation/joint bridging for thin-set installations of ceramic and stone tile
  • Suitable for Thin-Bed Shower Waterproofing
  • Best Moisture/Vapor Barrier
  • Protects Thin-Set Tile from Cracking
  • Use Over Common Substrates including concrete, many plywood sub floors, radiant heat and primed gypsum underlayment
  • Best moisture / vapor barrier, 0.050 perms
  • Rated "extra heavy" by Robinson, test (ASTM C 627)
  • Guaranteed not to rot, crack or deteriorate
  • Ensures uniform thickness and quality
  • Minimizes workmanship variables
  • No curing install tile immediately
  • Bond with NobleBond EXT for fast cure time, can also be bonded with latex modified thin-set

  • How to specify

  • Specify in division 9 where required, provide NobeSeal TS, a composite sheet membrane manufactured from Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), with polyester fabric to both sides
  • Nominal thickness of 0.8mm (.030")

  • Bonded Waterproof Tiled Shower Assemblies/Sealed Systems

  • Bonded waterproof membranes, are glued to the substrate and allow for the direct application of tile
  • These membranes include sheet-applied products, which are bonded to the substrate with thin-set mortar or other adhesives, and trowel-applied products, which are spread over the substrate and allowed to dry/cure
  • Noble trowel applied membrane incorporate reinforcing mesh over the entire surface
  • Nobleseal TS allow the installer to produce a sealed system, in contrast to the shower pan liner
  • In general, the process begins with the installation of a sloped mortar base on the sub-floor and solid backing on the walls
  • Install NobleSeal TS on top of the mortar bed, backing and tie into the drain
  • Tile over the membrane using thin-set mortar
  • Finished assembly does not permit moisture penetration into the solid backing or mortar bed, allowing the assembly to dry completely between uses and eliminating the potential for mold growth in the system