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Pearl Abrasive, Vacu-Guard Dust Containment System for Angle Grinders

by Pearl
Vacu-Guard Options

Pearl Standard Vacu-Guard for Angle Grinders


  • Durable and effective dust containment system. For grinding only
  • Pearl's exclusive flexible diaphragm allows the operator to adjust the grinder angle without sacrificing dust containment efficiency
  • A special Delrin seal strip allows the unit to flow easily over a variety of surfaces
  • Heavy duty aluminum casting
  • Lightweight, long lasting and durable
  • Optional carbide wear Pads, protects the Delrin slide from excessive wear, thus increasing life
  • Adjustable Hub Adapters. Able to adapt to a variety of angle grinders
  • 4-1/2" Vacu-Guard has 1-1/2" vacuum port
  • 7" Vacu-Guard has 2" vacuum port