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RTC Mean Green Dressing Stone

by RTC

Mean Green Resin Dressing Stone for Diamond Tooling

Protect your investment and maximize your Diamond Blade’s lifespan and cutting quality by redressing them periodically. A higher concentration of aluminum oxide means you get better results faster! This Dressing Stone is perfect for all of your diamond cutting tools including: Wet Blades Dry Blades Hole Saws Core Bits Grinding Wheels and more.


  • Sharpen & Reactivate Diamond Blades, Bits, Hole Saws and Grinding Wheels
  • With Just a Few Passes Into Your Stone You Will Notice Faster Cleaner Cuts
  • Highest Concentration of Aluminum Oxide Available
  • The "Mean Green" Makes Your Diamonds Cut Clean!
  • Size 4" x 2" x 1"

Dressing Stone for Diamond Tooling

Research has proven that glazed over diamond tools can be reconditioned faster with a higher concentration of aluminum oxide.  This stone has been tested by us and has shown to be the fastest dressing we've ever experienced.