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RTC Smart Grout Float Kit And Replacement Pads


Smart Grout Float Kit And Replacement Pads

This grout float kit gives you the ability to have multiple grout floats all in one. Keeping in mind there is no universal float for all applications, RTC Products has designed three different pads for the Smart Float system.  With a soft, medium, and hard pad now available, you can have three different floats, while saving space and money!  The Smart Float pads have been proven to outlast most other floats 3-to-1.


  • With a soft, medium, and hard pad, you have the ability to deal with different grouts.
  • Pads are replaceable
  • Sharp Crisp Edges - Cut clean to the tile surface
  • Lightest pro grout float on the market - The lighter the float the less fatigue on the user
  • Pad Dimensions: 3.5" x 9.5"
  • White Pad is soft
  • Gray Pad is Medium
  • Red Pad is Hard

    Whats's In The Box

    Kit Includes

  • Smart Float Handle
  • Red Rubber Pad (Hard)
  • Gray Rubber Pad (Medium)
  • White Rubber Pad (Soft)