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Kraft Self-leveling Kit

by Kraft
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7-piece Kit for Self-Leveling Floors

This full kit comes with all the items required to mix and install self-leveling products. Kraft Tool arranges the tools you need in one unique package. Mix, pour and spread your self-leveling compound with the tools provided.


  • 24" Wood Frame Stainless Steel Smoother is used to apply and smooth self-leveling compound. It also has a threaded attachment for the 3-piece aluminum pole provided or most other threaded poles
  • 24" Aluminum Gauge Rake adjusts up to 2 inches for uniform coating of the surface. Used the 3 piece threaded pole or most threaded poles to utilize the gauge rake
  • Gunite Spiked Shoes are used for epoxy installation. With adjustable nylon straps, these spiked shoes fit most shoe sizes. Fitted with 13 1-1/2" spikes
  • Oval Mixing Paddle fits in a 1/2" chuck drill and is designed to mix high viscosity materials within large barrels. The oval shape of the mixer effectively removes air from the mixtures

  • What's In The Box 

  • GG601 - 15 Gallon Mixing Barrel with Lid
  • GG602 - 5 qt. Measuring Pitcher
  • GG603 - 24 inch Wood Frame Stainless Steel Smoother with Bracket
  • CC263 5 ft. 3-Piece Aluminum Handle for Smoother and Gauge Rake
  • HC178 - Hi-Craft Spiked Gunite Shoes
  • CC975-01 - 24 inch Gauge Rake and Leveler
  • DC717 - Oval Mixing Paddle