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Sigma 90E4 Front Measure

by Sigma
SKU 90E2

90E4 Front Measure for Sigma Tile Cutter

Keep your cuts accurate on both ends of the cutter with the 90E4 Front Measure accessory for sigma tile cutters.

See list below for compatibility 


  • Replacement swivel measurement bar
  • Sigma Cutter model number can be found on the cutter body

Compatible with the following models:

Series 3 cutters- 3G, 3L, 3B2, 3C2, 3D2 
Series 3 Max cutters- 3G3M, 3L3M, 3B3M, 3C3M, 3D3M, 3P3M, 3E3M, 3F3M 
Klick Klock Cutters- 3GK, 3LK, 3B2K, 3C2K, 3D2K, 3P2K, 3E2K