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Sigma Replacement Rip Guides

by Sigma
SKU 19B3

Sigma Square 10" (260mm) Long

Replacement Rip fence for Sigma Tile Cutters

Please check the model number on your cutter before ordering to make sure you receive the right part, if you are unsure please contact us and we will assist you in finding the right part.


  • Sigma Original Replacement part
  • Each guide is 10" long

  • Tile Cutter Compatibility 

  • 19B3 Fence Fits: 2B3, 2A3, 2D4, 2C4, 2D3
  • 19C Fence Fits: Model 2G
  • 19D Fence Fits: All  3 series models (3B2, 3D2, 3C3M, 3DK etc.)
  • 19F Fence Fits: Model 7F