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Sigma Replacement Swivel Measurement Bars

by Sigma
Choose Your Guide

Replacement Measurement Bars For Sigma Cutters

Replacement Measurement Bars

Please check the model number on your cutter before ordering to make sure you receive the right part, if you are unsure please contact us and we will assist you in finding the right part.

Refer to guide below for the correct part for your tile cutter


  • Guides are in inches
  • Sigma Cutter model number can be found on the cutter body

  • Tile Cutter Compatibility 

    90D Guide Fits: 2G

    90D3 Guide Fits: 2A3, 2B3, 2C4, 2D4

    90LB Guide Fits: 3B, 3B2, 3B4, 3BK, 3B2K, 3BM, 3B2M, 3B4M

    90LC Guide Fits: 3C, 3C2, 3CK, 3C2K, 3CM, 3C2M, 3C3M

    90LD Guide Fits: 3D, 3D2, 3DK, 3D2K, 3DM, 3D2M, 3D3M, 3P, 3P2, 3P2M, 3P3M

    90LE Guide Fits: 3E2M, 3E3M, 3F2M, 3F3M