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Sola Go digital pocket level with Bluetooth Magnetic 3-Inch

by Sola

Sola Go Magnetic 3"digital pocket level with Bluetooth 

The Sola Pocklet level is a small, but high-quality and precise leveling tool designed for masonry, wood construction, window fitting, landscaping, bricklaying, and a wide array of applications. The GO! smart from SOLA combines three functions: it is a digital spirit level, inclinometer and protractor in one device.


  • CONNECT TO YOUR SMARTPHONE: can be connected via Bluetooth with the SOLA Measures app. The measured value of the digital inclinometer is displayed live on the screen of the mobile device.
  • RECORD AND SEND: By using the SOLA Measures app real-time data such as location, date and time are automatically recorded. Notes, photos or videos can be added to the measured values and sent.
  • HIGH PRECISION: This smart bevel box measures inclinations and angles with high precision. Thanks to the compact shape and the integrated magnets, this digital protractor is ideal for the precise setting of saw blades.
  • READ IN ANY POSITION: Thanks to the strong neodymium magnets and the integrated V-groove the GO! smart adheres even on pipes safely without slipping. During inverted measurements, the display of the digital spirit level rotates automatically.