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Superior Tile Cutters


Superior "Piano Style" Tile Cutters 

Made from sturdy cast aluminum alloy and steel for heavy duty service. They score and cleanly break tile and trim pieces without moving the material. All models have the famous ‘A’ Handle with spring tension to provide automatic adjustment to the breaker bar for straight cuts every time.


  • Available in three sizes - 6", 10" and 16"
  • 1/2" carbide scoring wheel
  • Interchangeable handle with springs
  • Made of cast aluminum in the United States
  • Superior Tile Cutter has an 75 year history in manufacturing cutters, nippers, wheels, chisels
  • Nothing has changed in that time. Our product provides the same quality, durability, and longevity at an affordable price with the end user in mind
  • Superior Tile Cutter Specs
    Model #04 - ST004 #2A - ST006 #3 - ST007
    Length of Cut 6 in 10 in 16 in
    Diagonally Cuts 4-1/2 in 7 in 10 in
    Weight 6 lbs 8 lbs 11 lbs