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Tajima® Chalk-Rite™ Ultra-fine Chalks (10.5oz.)

by Tajima

CHALK-RITE Ultra Fine Chalk, 10.5 oz.

Ultra-Fine Powdered Chalk with Micro Particles - evenly coat the snap line. Extremely Sharp and Clear Marking Line, Easy Pour 10.5 oz. Bottle with Screw-cap Nozzle.

The Tajima® Chalk-Rite Ultra-Fine Chalk, with easy-fill nozzle. Can be used for Tajima brand snap lines or as an upgrade for other chalk lines. The ultra-fine powdered chalk has micro particles that evenly cling to the snap line and produces an exceptionally sharp and bold marking line. Packaged in moisture-proof 10.5 oz. bottles.


  •  High quality Japanese design
  •  Ultra fine chalk coats the line evenly and thoroughly for uniform marking lines
  •  Comes in convenient 10.5 Oz. container
  •  Available in Red, Yellow, White, And Blue