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Tavy Tile-Puck™ Lippage Detector & Marble Leveler

SKU 6002

Tavy Tile Puck Level & Lippage Detector

Tavy® Tile Puck is great for setting tile, but bad for hockey. If you want to instantly know if your tiles are level and if you have a toe kicker... this is your tool. The Tile Puck is easy to use and will eliminate the need for any other level. The TAVY Tile-Puck can also be used for other leveling applications: appliances, machines, shower seats, curbs, counter tops, cabinetry, drains, shelves and countless other applications.


  • Makes accurate setting of marble quicker and easier!
  • Can be used for any number of leveling applications
  • Showers seats, counter tops, Kitchen appliances, machines, you name it
  • Made of non-marking polyethylene plastic, measures only 5" in diameter, 1" thick and weights 10 ounces