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Zenesis Tile Diamond Blades

by Zenesis
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Premium Diamond Blades For Tile

Simple patterning is not enough. Patterning technology has been around since 1960’s, however the performance gained through even distribution of diamond grit did not justify the added complexity in manufacturing. Through years of intensive research and development, our engineers at ZENESIS have refined our proprietary patterned diamond technology to achieve maximum cutting performance without sacrificing life or quality of the cut. Our pattern exposes the ideal number of the highest quality diamonds throughout the life of the tool, providing consistent performance from start to finish.


  • Unique slot and rim design give the ZENESIS™ Continuous Rim Blade unparalleled
  • and effortless cutting precision and performance. Since the blade incorporates
  • ZENESIS™ pattern technology, fabricators can count on exceptionally smooth and
  • chip-free cutting of porcelain tile, granite and other hard materials.
  • Smooth cutting of porcelain, granite and other hard materials
  • Use 4" and 4.5" wet or dry. All other sizes must be used wet.

     Zenesis Diamond Blades
     Blade Diameter Wet/Dry RPM Arbor
    10" Wet 7600 1" (5/8" reducer)
    8" Wet 7600 1" (5/8" reducer)
    7" Wet 8700 1" (5/8" reducer)
    4.5" Wet/Dry 13,300 7/8" arbor with 5/8"
    4" Wet/Dry 15,300 7/8" arbor with 5/8"