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Block MF Pro Sponge

by RTC
Original price $3.49
Current price $2.79

RTC Block MF Pro Sponge

This proprietary two-sided microfiber sponge is ideal for final grout cleanup and polishing. The size and shape are designed for comfort of use. Maximum surface contact allows for cleaner wipe and two sided design equals half the rinses. Works great on all grouts. The square edges glide over grout joints and cleans in corners. 

  • Grout clean up after tiling
  • Microfiber side for sealing and polishing
  • Maximum surface contact cleans more efficiently.
  • Designed for tile grout cleanup on all grouts
  • Microfiber polishing cloth side for removal of grout haze and final polishing of tile
  • Square edges cleans deep into corners 
  • Great for general cleaning and washing cars