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Epoxy Grout Sponges


Tile Tools Epoxy Sponges


  • For emulsifying epoxy or sanded grout during clean-up
  • One epoxy sponge will last as long as 10-12 scrub pads at a fraction of the cost
  • Pre-wipes & rinses faster
  • A scrubbing sponge used to clean and remove epoxy grout, & grout haze
  • Use hot water when rinsing epoxy
  • Highly abrasive yet smooth enough not to harm the tile, stone or epoxy grout
  • Cell structure designed to quickly pick-up excess epoxy grout prior to final wipe
  • Doesn't get clogged as quickly as a normal sponge to allow you to finish the job with one sponge
  • Won't retain water or pack up epoxy grout
  • Rounded edges