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Panel Handler PH2000

Panel Handler Options

Panel Handler by Fillachip 

This is a first-of-its-kind handling system for super format materials  (GPTP). This lightweight material handling system is highly effective and combined with Grabo units makes handling and moving large format porcelain slabs easy and worry-free.

Combine with the Standard or Pro Grabo® you can convert this frame into the ultimate gauged porcelain material handling system and NEVER lose suction, even on textured surfaces.

Use the supplied Quick Pins to connect your bridges to the number of Grabo® units required for the piece, turn them on, and you are ready to lift.

As it is made up of 3 main components it is easy to store and transport, but versatile and expandable for both heavy and light materials from porcelain to granite!

What's In The Box

Rack Components Only

    • 4  x 23” Bridges
    • 3 x 46” Bridges
    • 3 x 94’ Silver Box Rails
    • 3 x 84” Silver Box Rails
    • 2 x 65” Silver Box Rails
    • 12  x pins

    RTC Grabo is only included only when the option is selected