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RTC "Rockin Roller" Wash Bucket

by RTC

Rockin Roller Wash Bucket

With this grout cleaning system you can clean grout from tiled surfaces up to 50% faster than using a standard hand sponge!. Your hands remain dry and free from the “Cold Water Blues”


  • Super fast results while maximizing full joints
  • Less haze on final cleaning
  • Uses 1/3 less water on the jobsite
  • Ribbed rollers for maximum water extraction
  • Rollers are pitched to keep water in the bucket.
  • Numerous sponge sizes & styles available!
  • Holds 4 Gallons (15L) of Water

  • What's In The Box

  • “Rockin Roller” Grout Bucket
  • Grate
  • 3 Ribbed Rollers
  • Yellow sponge w/ handle