Sigma (2B3) 26″ Pull Handle Tile Cutter

$415.00 $403.00

Rip/Diagonal/Depth of cut (inches) = 26″ / 18″ / 0.75″ Weighs only 18 lbs! Measuring bar comes in Inches not centimeters.

Add a Scoring Wheel


The Sigma -45 to 45 degree Locking Angle Mechanism allows you to lay diagonal pattern tiles nearly as fast as you would lay down a square tile layout.

A snap tile cutter saves plenty of time on the job site when compared to the typical wet tile saw. Although wet tile saws have their distinct place in your overall arsenal of tiling tools. The lightweight snap cutter should be the tool of choice when it comes to all your straight cuts while the tile saw handles all your difficult, cutouts, and curve cuts.

For a limited time only, receive 100 Caps & 250 1/16″ Bases FREE Of Sigma’s special edition Rotary Tile Leveling System! (A $65.95 value)


Weighs only 18 lbs
Easy Grip Pull Handle
Spring Loaded Table
Swiveling -45 to 45 degree Locking Angle Mechanism
Diamond Scoring Wheel


Straight Cut (max) …… 26 in.
Diagonal Cut (max) …. 18 in.
Depth of Cut (max) …. 3/4 in.

Replacement Parts:

Sigma Scoring Wheel (14A)
Replacement Handle (24C) – for Sigma 2A3 and 2B3
Replacement Steel Bar (39E) – for Sigma 2B3

You can find out more about Sigma Tile Cutters Here:

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs


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